Happy Feet foundation

Is a registered trust in Zimbabwe, born out of the need to tackle the daily plight and indignity of school
children, with a particular focus on those that are less privileged residing in remote areas.


A significant number of primary and secondary school children in Zimbabwe are in desperate need of essentials such as uniforms, shoes, stationery, sanitary wear and food. Happy Feet Foundation Trust has partnered with more than a dozen of schools in the peri-urban and rural areas of Zimbabwe in assisting disadvantaged children. Sponsoring a child allows you to selectively participate by choosing how you wish to make an impact on one or more children. Tell us more!

mission & vision

Our mission is to provide disadvantaged school children with uniforms, stationery, sanitary wear, shoes as well as other items deemed essential for good health and positive development.

Our vision is to restore the pride and dignity of the needy scholars by gifting hope through the provision of basic essentials.

To facilitate the provision of footwear for vulnerable children.

To enable children access to essentials in the form of clothing, stationery & food items.

To provide school fees for the less privileged children in society.

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