Our mission is to provide disadvantaged school children with uniforms, stationery, sanitary wear, shoes as well as other items deemed essential for good health and positive development.

Our vision is to restore the pride and dignity of the needy scholars by gifting hope through the provision of basic essentials.


Tapiwa D. Ncube

Tapiwa is the founder & director of the trust. She is a social entrepreneur, passionate about promoting the use of sustainable eco-friendly sanitary wear products  in order to change society for the better and reduce the carbon footprint.

Tapiwa holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Management from the National University of Science of Technology (NUST) and a Master of Business Administration degree with the Management School of Southern Africa (MANCOSA), among other qualifications. Tapiwa is a YALI RLC- SA Alumni, AWE fellow 2019 and a mushroom enthusiast.

Valentine F. Ncube

Valentine (Vee)  is a retired primary educator with over 40 years in the teaching industry, having held several positions of influence including school head at several schools around Zimbabwe.  He is currently the programmer for Semukwe rural development trust, an organization which seeks to facilitate alternative water supplies for rural communities in the Matabeleland South region of Zimbabwe.  In his capacity as Village head for Ward 9 under Chief Bidi at St Joseph’s in Kezi District, Vee is a community activist and champions the plight of orphans from children headed families and the vulnerable groups

Dzikamai R. Muchemedzi

Dzika is a SAP Consultant and business systems analyst, a former Customs and taxes revenue specialist. He is currently the country representative for a leading medical equipment supplies organization. Dzika is nomadic by nature and loves to travel.

Sikhululekile Mashingaidze

Sikhululekile ( Sku Mash) is a development practitioner driven by a passion for girls education, women and children’s rights and the realization of  equitable and sustainable development, particularly in Africa’s hard to reach and underserved communities.

Tinashe A. Masiiwa

Tinashe’s greatest passion lies in developing individuals to realize their full potential in the spaces they occupy, with a particular bias towards young people. He is a start-up entrepreneur and is driven by the challenges of working within a dynamic and fast changing economic and social environment.

He is a holder of a Bachelor of Laws Honours Degree (LLBS) with the University of Zimbabwe, a Master of Business Laws (LLM Business Law) with the University of Kwazulu- Natal and was admitted as a legal practitioner in 2007. He has worked for institution in the insurance and banking industries, providing strategic advice on a variety of business transactions and also providing corporate governance advice and services.

Morris Mpala

Morris Mpala (Mr Brown) is Managing Director of MoB Capital BSc(Hons) Applied Mathematics, Executive MBA, Vice Chairperson ZAMFI( Zimbabwe Association of Microfinance Institutions ). Weekly Business columnist in the Chronicle Business/Economic Analyst, non conventional thinker and cultural enthusiast. A ZNCC, Zimbabwe Institute of Managemt & Megafest award winning individual and a Rotarian Club member.